WHAT IS Patriapp

Patriapp accessible through your mobile phone is an easy solution for everyone to participate in charity and welfare. With patriapp user can share the pictures and video of the problem in the community and ask for possible solution, bids from interested parties, create fuding request, hire volunteer for the cause and run campaign for the welfare project and create and post charitable events in any area or region.

Connect Community

Building sustainable community to help each other and make the world better together

Team Work

Crafting digital experience to lead the future and explore the opportunities

Spread words Out

With Patriapp the work spread out quick and loud and problem acknowledge and endorse for potential solutions.

Solve Problems

Using the Patriapp app you can identify the problem and ask for solution of a prolblem or help and support..

Collective Resource

The growing community provide a bigger resource collection and easy to find.

Post & Share

Post the problem help support campaign fund raising volunteer request and share on your favorite social media.

How It Works

Easy to use it provides an opprotunity to the community to create the events, fund raising request hire volunteer, run a campaign for all charitable welfare good cause.

Patriapp Amazing Features

Offer an opportunity to communities to join for a greater cause and move forward for a common goals of welfare and charity. Allow responsible citizens to come forward and perform their good citizen role by contributing in the community.

Raise Funding

Create funding requests, post and share to raise funding for your cause campaign fixing or event. .

Post Problem

Patriapp let you post your campaigns, events, fund raiser, volunteers and fixing problems and get immediate attnetion.

Events Invites

Create and post an event to speard the word out loud and quickly to get immediate attention and inform the community about the event..

Invite Volunteers

Are you seeking volunteer? Patriapp provides the collective resourse builder to hire volunteer for your next good project or cause.

Bid on work

Patriapp offer a unique way to help communities where you can post the problem and ask for potential bids on the work needs to be done from interested parties.

Launch Campaigns

Launch your campaign select your area or region and raise funds, held events fix a problem or run an ad with us.



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